I watched the documentary ‘Intelligent trees’ last evening, where forester Peter Wohlleben and scientist Suzanne Simard diligently observe and investigate the communication between trees over decades. It was lovely to appreciate once again the subterranean mycorrhizal network between different species of trees. It appeared a love language of sorts and I felt I had to write this poem. It’s an exploration of love really, trying to situate it in the transcendental even as we learn the love mechanics of other species. If literature and poetry are any measure, do we try to ascribe deeper meaning to love than is possible or is this simply human conceit? I wouldn’t know but plainly rhetorical musing.




Poets look to the cuckoo and crickets for inspiration / Do they not have their own song / The lion too sings of love / but spartan notes, no love symphony make //

The heart picks stars on a new moon night / wondering of loves purpose / for the moon will wax bright and erase them all / Does the heart now sing in sorrow, to stars that escaped the moonlight //

Poems are simply whale song / that reverberate in the known / like a cosmic alliance of souls that echo in unison / or is this poetic license //

Love is an ocean / so say the poets / where even whales breathe on faith / but the translucent jelly fish sting the one swimmer / merging in the azure of sky / while drowning her in a brine of tears//

Her eyes trace the sky for starlight / wondering if stars are real / in the hoax of time / or is it simply a matter of faith //