Decay, the colour of paint

Like still life, 

deep inside

a tibisiri basket,

lay a sad soft lime 


in powdery bloom.



now by soft grey

A moles breath 

or a sweet innocence…


on the colour chart 

of wall paints


this real life

organic putrescence.

The  tomatoes too

on the kitchen counter,

beating heart 

and ravishing red

in an earlier time,

mouldy grey 

cheating heart now.

Ah yes, 

the wilting chives,

in a cellar

that promised 

to keep them fresh,

has now 

painted them 

from bunker hill green 

into a sad salamander 




I was at the big box store that sells paints and was absolutely enthralled by the names of the shades. It was a poetic exercise situated in the mundane. There is beauty in everything, even at the box store.