Raccoon Tales ~ Of siblings



We walked rooftops together

Up through chimneys on songs of the day,

Vivid flights of imaginings

Of fanciful worlds, of flagrant display.


You followed me like a lamb,

Tasted Earthworms, while idly curious.

I spoke of the sun, Perseus, Medusa,

Of constellations, the Zodiac … Sirius.


You doodled;  even the walls were a canvas

Unfinished drawings of things  atrociously funny.

And I made you laugh and cry too

Brother, sister, friends forever through bitter and honey.


~ For my brother, the doodler








Raccoon Tales ~ Summer Scream


Art by Savio 

Woebegone our faces seem
Wistful for locked treasures within …
Raspberry glaciers, Andean snow,
Majestic peaks of Ge-la-to

Round and round goes Stalktopus
On the news and it frazzles us !
Fawnces thinks of frozen cream 🙂
Hennes only wants to scream !!!