Mother magnified

It’s been a busy weekend and I managed to think up a poem today for Mother’s Day. I consider it a work in progress.

Here is one I dedicated to my Mother in an earlier post. The post today, is to the Mother in all of us, regardless of sex or gender.

In a holding place, there are 
memories sewn, an inheritance
Mother is unravelling, 
rearranging, spiraling and 
cloning this colossal wisdom 
into mitotic aspirations that 
arrive at dusk, or dawn or  
in those long  interludes
we call day or night.
They position a soul hunger 
in a pulse, as the seconds 
age him, to find him say, 
Mother, I am born of you 
and now I birth you, like you
birth us, as you make 'we' 

The years pass in a blink
in a past that grows
longer. Yet, Mother 
is ageless, as she
subsumed into daughter
cells, that are now, cells
of son, in a timeless
conjuring of plasma,
the blueprints of
manifest destiny.

Sometimes, Mother tricks,
as she quadruples into 
a meiotic soul hunger
of lack, casts
apparitions that are 
meant for love,
like pieces 
of a puzzle, halves,
each meant to seek
Who knew, 
Mother is cell,

At the cellular level, every cell is Mother, whether it is a prokaryotic one (like Bacteria) that undergoes binary fission or a Eukaryotic one ( like human cells), that undergoes Mitosis or Meiosis. In the cell cycle, mitosis describes the division of the mother cell into two daughter cells, genetically identical to each other whereas Meiosis is a special type of cell division of germ cells in sexually reproducing organisms used to produce the gametes, such as sperm or egg cells. It involves two rounds of division that ultimately result in four cells with only one copy of each chromosome or half the number of chromosomes as the original parent cell. It is not uncommon to use the term mother cell for the parent and daughter cells for those that are created.

Brush up on your Cell Division 🙂

Source: Wikipedia