On a Leonine Occasion

I am surrounded by Leonine folk i.e. those with their sun in Leo. My mother is ruled by this sign. My husband and a very dear friend of ours, are too, and we celebrated a birthday for them both yesterday. Chocolate cupcakes marked the occasion. This poem is dedicated to my husband and also to my Mother; big cats both !

Sun signs are a bit cliche and all that, but they make for interesting assumptions, like in those MBTI personality inventories . I find it amusing that Fixed and Cardinal Suns (all elements) are the majority of my closest friends, at least those that I feel I can trust and depend on, must be the temperament đŸ˜‚ Then again, one is more than simply a Sun sign or a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator . That said, this is for the two remarkable Leos in my life !

The leonine mane of the Sun sparkled gold
the day you were born to the rulership of light.

Swift as a ray, warm bright amber purpose
steadies your every step. Lion heart is as large

as a savanna, throbbing with the pulse of life
like in a wildebeest migration. Fiery charms

in the depths of your embrace move in fluidly molten
sentiment that solidify to an igneous character,

the rock you can depend on to steady the soul
in any fickle wind. Yours isn't the abrading

of airy tempests but the braid of brilliance
that tethers the sail to the mast,

steers the prow through the wasted breath
of gales, to defined shores,

harnessed to the purity of a rising sun
to emerald glades and shimmering turquoise realms.
One of many birthday cakes this August !