Fluid, like poetry …

Life seems suffused with dreary interludes, composed prosaically,

but in poems,

it flows like the tannic waters of a brook,

yielding, adapting, singing, swirling,

rounding the rough edges of odd shaped rocks.


This year; sharp, uneven, like jagged rocks,

and my way I learned, was to be liquid like water,

steeped with tannins of leafy experiences

long leached into the liquor distilled of life itself …


We were like a bewildered herd, stupefied with change,

wrought out of disasters brought upon ourselves,

self sabotaging as we are in a strangely cooperative human way

driven through a mutualism of mirrored self interests …

our solipsism evident yet in virtual existence.


And in the midst of the strangeness of circumstance,

we who lusted for worldly ways, found,

that time being money, wasn’t going according to plan.

Yet, where hearts and minds were clear still,

among them dreamers, poets, those charting manifest feeling,

such beings grew boldly amorphous.


Love, kindness, compassion, connection,

abstract nouns then, intransitive verbs now .

Perhaps they sing poems; those who care to see the world in colour,

in hues brightly vibrant, or even shades that may grow duller

Reality feels black or white, when guided not by the light of the sun

For who can see or love a rainbow if they can’t imagine one ……

A haiku-esque photo-amble on a long beach …

Stratified clouds jostling for attention, a self effacing Sun, quietly forming dunes, all conspired to create the perfect sand and spray in Ocean County, New Jersey; a day that began with oysters, after a long leisurely drive that ended finally on a long stretch of beach that provoked spurts of inspired Haiku.

I call it my haiku~esque photo-amble. It quite succinctly sums up the day.

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Raccoon Tales ~ Of siblings



We walked rooftops together

Up through chimneys on songs of the day,

Vivid flights of imaginings

Of fanciful worlds, of flagrant display.


You followed me like a lamb,

Tasted Earthworms, while idly curious.

I spoke of the sun, Perseus, Medusa,

Of constellations, the Zodiac … Sirius.


You doodled;  even the walls were a canvas

Unfinished drawings of things  atrociously funny.

And I made you laugh and cry too

Brother, sister, friends forever through bitter and honey.


~ For my brother, the doodler








Raccoon Tales ~ Summer Scream


Art by Savio 

Woebegone our faces seem
Wistful for locked treasures within …
Raspberry glaciers, Andean snow,
Majestic peaks of Ge-la-to

Round and round goes Stalktopus
On the news and it frazzles us !
Fawnces thinks of frozen cream 🙂
Hennes only wants to scream !!!