And all your Lares and Penates……

that comfort you in your palatine home,

could not for once quell the random conflagration of your specious thoughts.



You seek not solitude but a quiescent soul,

that life’s not thwarted to a cataplectic crawl midst  phrenic wantonness.



As you try and restore the ideal equivalence

between the various allotments of your mind, part given to logic they say and the other right given to chaos.



A rather silly see – saw I reckon that never quite steadies,

For beneath Still surfaces, waters run deep and so much lurks at a benthic low.


And you submerge; wailing, limbs flailing, clutching at straws,

yet, you never quite drown, immersed in  the adrenalizing asphyxiations of your mind.



………..”on a chaotic mind dealing with information overload” random word play for the love of words