Skypeing with my Father

All conversations aren’t worded,

When I Skype with my father.

We are just comfortable in our own silences,

While he catches a game on the TV,

Knowing I’m at the other end of the line.

As I punch out my assignments,

He hears a furious click click click,

Sometimes a monosyllabic grunt

Acknowledging each other,

While he’ll pose a random query

And I give a delayed answer.

But there is no hurry,

As he watches men rush behind a ball

And After a while I say,

“Dad, I’ve got to go, will talk tomorrow”

Or perhaps share another comfortable silence

Why people looted in Linden *

Now in times such as these,

Huge numbers matter:

The magnitude of statistical evidence,

Even if it inspires us to no action,

The magnitude of our ‘likes’,

Even if they mean naught,

The number of our ‘friends’,

Even if we don’t know many of them,

The magnitude of readership,

If only people comment,

Not as much to understand as to vent their view.

So three persons dying in Linden,

Is a rather poor statistic

The looting of a few shops,

Not very sensational.

Ah! People kill, people die.

People fight, people make peace,

For some time at least,

And People loot.

For we all wish to increase the magnitude of our possessions,

Even if they increase not our self worth.


*Protests in Linden, Guyana, over an increase in power tariffs turned bloody on July 18th. In an altercation between police and protesters, three persons lost their lives. In the aftermath, during a power outage, a shop and the post office were looted.



Who is the enemy here?………..the death of a caiman.

There lies on HomeStretch Avenue

The rotting carcass of a Caiman*,

Next to trenches filled with lotus lillies,

shadowed only by emerald green grass and glinting sun.


Close enough is the cross for Alicia,

Tended lovingly by her family.

Lost her life driving on that lonely road,

In a fatal head on collision.


No cross for the Caiman today.

People picking lotus lillies for Puja,

Found the little critter lying embedded , covert

in the reeds. Discovered, dismembered now.


Lying belly up for three days.

He’s a reptile, won’t shrivel in the blaze

Of everyday, but still,

Their good deed is done.


So they shared the trenches once,

Now, it had no reason to subsist in our space,

For while we pick lotus lillies in spaces not our own,

We fear our enemy the Caiman.


* Saw the carcass of a caiman lying belly up on the side of the road today. It looked like a humiliating way to die for just existing in a trench. Another example of how all other organisms are considered more of a pestilence compared to our own parasitic race.