In a brackish marsh

 Cattails swishing in the breeze,

Plovers, herons, such a tease.

Mudflats are a deep brown glow,

I get down on my knobby knees.

Mussels here and mussels there,

Lord!  They are just everywhere!

Help marsh grass eat less salt y’know,

Protect them from wear or tear.

Tall grass bends this way and that,

I don’t quite know what they’re at,

They hold forte when wind gusts blow,

Or storm surges press them flat.

Slow Diamond back ter-ra-pin,

Curious muskrat sniffing him.

Tides rolling in fast and slow,

Have to leave , it’s e-ve-ning!

~ by the Raccoonteur for curious Henners, diva Fawnces and frisky Blankyd!