In a brackish marsh

 Cattails swishing in the breeze,

Plovers, herons, such a tease.

Mudflats are a deep brown glow,

I get down on my knobby knees.

Mussels here and mussels there,

Lord!  They are just everywhere!

Help marsh grass eat less salt y’know,

Protect them from wear or tear.

Tall grass bends this way and that,

I don’t quite know what they’re at,

They hold forte when wind gusts blow,

Or storm surges press them flat.

Slow Diamond back ter-ra-pin,

Curious muskrat sniffing him.

Tides rolling in fast and slow,

Have to leave , it’s e-ve-ning!

~ by the Raccoonteur for curious Henners, diva Fawnces and frisky Blankyd!

Toadstools in the garden of Eden ~ cautionary limericks



Amidst a copse of fragrant pine
Stood a bunch of toadstools fine
Rubicund like Betty Boop
Made me pause to look, to stoop,
And ponder crafting mushroom wine.

On second thoughts, might make me die.
As the brain floats on a muscimol high
This Fly agaric is potent, no?
From Siberia to, ahem,  Jericho?
So I leave them when I find them. Sigh!

Amanita muscaria you look too loud,
Spotty bling and standing proud.
I am tempted to bite
But now shake with fright.
Lest I play the harp on a cumulus cloud.




Cautionary limericks for Fawnces, Henners and Blankyd ~ never lick a toadstool while out in the garden,                                                                                                                                   



Raccoon Tales ~ Of siblings



We walked rooftops together

Up through chimneys on songs of the day,

Vivid flights of imaginings

Of fanciful worlds, of flagrant display.


You followed me like a lamb,

Tasted Earthworms, while idly curious.

I spoke of the sun, Perseus, Medusa,

Of constellations, the Zodiac … Sirius.


You doodled;  even the walls were a canvas

Unfinished drawings of things  atrociously funny.

And I made you laugh and cry too

Brother, sister, friends forever through bitter and honey.


~ For my brother, the doodler








Raccoon Tales ~ Summer Scream


Art by Savio 

Woebegone our faces seem
Wistful for locked treasures within …
Raspberry glaciers, Andean snow,
Majestic peaks of Ge-la-to

Round and round goes Stalktopus
On the news and it frazzles us !
Fawnces thinks of frozen cream 🙂
Hennes only wants to scream !!!