Simply Saturday !

A simple poem today about simple things, I couldn’t think of much to write, except brunch and dinner. Aren’t Saturdays meant to be a balance of slow and beautiful … like a diamondback Terrapin ? We had an amazing day but it was the food that punctuated it, in the deliciousness of happy exclamations. There was boiled corn in the salad and that, my friend, can be the sweetest addition to anything that is glazed in a honey, mustard, apple cider vinegar and extra virgin olive oil dressing.

Mango and avocado happily lettuce eat corn cumcumbered in chicken and some flashy tomatoes. Handful nuts, a great salad topping make !
The morning floated by on rain 
that rose in mist from warm earth;
the tea wafted from cups like it was
looking for metaphors above the brew.

Shakshouka graced our breakfast table
in the spirit of the Maghreb
and the little red dish was simply
the pillow talk of eggs wondering at
the pointillism of yellow and green peppers.

Then time flew by in conversations,
that conjured blithely from seasoned laughter
until someone called, asking for Jason,
but none of us knew anyone called Jason,
so we all got serious about planning supper.

Saturday is lazy and daft,
but a splendid chef!
Salad graced our dinner table
in the spirit of gratitude for sharing
a meal in the sweetness of mangoes.

Cornucopia poured generously
onto that platter, awarding us
a rainbow in July ! Colour ...
is what it must feel to be alive
Before Shakshouka
And Shakshouka, After.

I am grateful for all the people that make my life beautiful and make me smile. I hope the weekend brings happiness to everyone !