Apollonian and Dionysian flowers

It’s been a wonderfully busy day and I managed to spare some time to explore Apollo and his associated myths that I am currently working into a poem. I did come across this refreshing read from Michael Pollan’s, ‘The Botany of Desire’, in what he describes as a plant’s – eye view of the world. I chose the excerpt from his chapter on Tulips, page 97, in which he reveals, almost poetically, the difference in flowers, in Dionysian and Apollonian terms.

Pollan describes four plants in this book, including the potato. I should use some of the text for blackout poetry someday soon; his writing style in the botany of desire, is very poetic.

I find it amusing to see flowers described as left and right brained, but the kleenex of peony petals made my evening. It is such a poetic way to see spent tears described so, in the folded and crushed edges of peonies. I thought to share this as a great introduction to Apollonian clarity and order through Pollan’s eyes, that reads like a prose poem.