What do Linda Pastan, Muriel Rukeyser, Georgia O’Keeffe and Indie 184 have in common ?


On my bedside table: 100 essential modern poems by women; edited by Joseph Parisi and Kathleen Welton

Saturday, busy day / friends, crepes and a boathouse in it / Clouds blew the sun away / we laughed at rain, it threw a fit / / Saturday, easy day / books, photos and music in it / Pastan, O’Keeffe, Rukey … / …ser, Indie and the day’s complete // Asante sana for reading cropped bonsai rhyme ! Wikiendi njema wild as lemon thyme !

Recently, at the Shops, at Hudson Yards; Many ways to empowerment; check the Sphinx’s way below
I enjoyed this poem, it fit seamlessly to the graffiti art of Indie 184 ~ Myth by Muriel Rukeyser
By American artist, Georgia Totto O’Keeffe ; I thought it felt like the dream mentioned in Linda Pastan’s beautiful poem, the dream that remembers us
What We Want by Linda Pastan

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