Yellow Plane On Blue Sky

Now who knew, dentists possess the Philosopher’s Stone to turn teeth to dust and dust to teeth …

A vintage toy plane I photographed at a store
The dentist pierces my numb mouth 
A bee sting, I drool maybe.
The attendant sucks it all out.
A throbbing cheek, a swollen lip,
comfortably numb ...
"Can you feel it?" they ask.
"Can you feel your lip?" they touch.
I am looking out a blue sky window
lying in a cathedral of tooth fairies.
"How do you feel here?" they persist
and feel beneath my unfeeling lip.
"Nice" I say. They raise a collective eyebrow.
"Nice" I say, "I see a yellow plane flit
across a blue sky, it's so poetic".
They look too, they laugh,
"Its the carrier* ferrying packages"
across the sky, as they prod and pry.
"Raise your hand if it hurts,
this may be noisy".
I raise my hand.
"It is a bit noisy, the drilling" they offer
"No, it smells like burnt tooth" I assure them.
They turned teeth to dust and dust to gold.
Its Alchemy I think.

The health care industry in the US is the bastion of alchemy. Health insurance is the philosopher’s stone perhaps. I am always surprised by the disparate costs of services and treatments across the continents, for something as basic as teeth but there’s nothing that a healthy dose of Economics can’t help understand or assimilate the logic of.

My dentist though, is kind, considerate and did a wonderful job that day. The Attendant was amazing and we shared a few stories. The tenor of my poem threads my vivid imagination but the plane was real, the sky was blue and I said what I said too. *It was DHL they said, I couldn’t see the name, a courier service then if not a carrier to be precise.

The picture cutout is from a set of vintage toy planes I photographed at a store.

Something off the internet: USAAF and US Navy aircraft entered the war with the classic white star in the blue disk with the red dot in the middle. (Pre war to May, 1942). If the center points of the star are connected (generating an inverted pentagram), the red dot would just touch the lines. The outer points of the white star go right to the edge of the blue disk [1]



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