Lifecycle ~ exploring an hourglass Nonnet

A Nonnet is poem that has nine lines. The first line has nine syllables and the subsequent lines have one less, until the final line has only one syllable. It does not have to rhyme and some Nonnets may be constructed in iambic meter where every alternate syllable is stressed. They can be based on any subject.

I have been wanting to create nonnets ever since the insta-poetry community brought it up. They seem quite interesting. Hourglass is what it appears to be, at least a half of one , this poem below. The seasons are a good place to start any poem I think 🌱




Drooping flowers and bright sunny skies

Speak so of time as the crow flies …

Spring is a hard task master

It urges time faster

In fallen flowers

Wilting bowers

Sad regrets






As summer hues

In emerald ruse,

Triggers cycles afresh,

Canopies of verdant mesh,

Labouring gainsome luscious fruit

Then slow retreat into winter root.

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