Decay into a Sad Salamander

I reworked this poem posted a few months earlier and it has also been cross posted to my Insta handle recently. It was inspired by paint names at the box store. Words like Sad Salamander, Moles Breath are simply brilliant 😃 Actually, it could be a good poetic exercise and I believe I should try some more of these.




Like still life,
deep inside
a tibisiri basket,
lay a sad soft lime
in powdery bloom.
Green, obscured
by Soft grey.
A Moles breath now
or a Sweet innocence
as names bleed
from an acrylic palette
into a rich organic


Tomatoes turgid, once lay
freshly picked
on a Sunny verandah,
like a beating heart,
ravishing red.
Mouldy grey,
Cheating heart now
on the Inkwell counter.
The wilting chives in a
present day root cellar
that promised
to keep their passions
fresh, has bleached them
from Bunker hill green
into a Sad salamander



I think some of the colours in the paint catalogues are an absolute riot. It was the sad salamander that got me really, such a unique way to describe a colour. I should use more of these in prompts. All the paint names are capitalized in the poem. Enjoy.

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