This was born of an instagram challenge to write a zombie poem. I borrowed from John Landis’s and Michael Jackson’s Thriller to write this pandemic related adaptation, based in Manhattan NYC. It was posted on Instagram a while back and I’m adding it to the blog today. There is a backlog of a few more poems that will make it here from Instagram.




It’s close to midnight
Something evil’s lurkin’ in the dark
Good ol’ Time flees Times Square,
kicking, while he does, pylons for a lark

And under the moonlight
squinting through towers scraping skies,
you see within, a dismal sight
that grinds your heart to halt and sigh.

It’s the homeless ogling
at the screaming, the flailing, the freezing
zombies, so despairing the burgh now
in a timeless graveyard shift,
building the empire of cards,
that never quite slept anyhow.

Creatures crawl in search of blood,
like days when the hood was hit hard.
Now the dead and the undead alike,
seek consummation in your every cell,
to contort them into a cellular pike
and trigger phantasmal thrillers of hell .

And no one’s gonna save you,
from the beast about to strike,
no vitamin, no mineral, no endorphin spike.
There ain’t no second chance
against the thing with the forty eyes, girl,
or one with twenty nine thousand nucleotides girl.
And you are scared that they will possess you
unless you change that number on your dial
from demon lover to ambulance now, to 911, girl !

The dead start to walk in their masquerade
such deathly pallor in this utopian Hades
of deceased streets and lonesome avenues.
There’s no escaping the greys, the blues
or the matrix of this alien crown
in protein spikes,membrane down,
RNA whipped out for arsenal
or a solemn dirge at the funeral.
And whosoever shall be found,
without the soul for getting down,
must stand and face the hounds of hell
and rot inside a corpse’s shell.
-The end –

Ah yes …
Evil cackle ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah

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