An archipelago of emotion

I remember the time we spent in the Maldives was perhaps the true becoming of  coastal spirits. Our home was on the island of Male, we had to take a ferry to our gym that was on the neighbouring island, meet friends sometimes on yet another one and we snorkelled at some of the resort islands or family islands around. It was life contained on a sliver of land in an archipelago and yet the ocean was vast and it makes you rethink your place in the universe.The body realizes it is water next to yet another body of water, bobbing as it appears on terra firma.




You got me a bread bible / there was flour on that island like the Lord threw manna to the displaced / to say, take what you need and bake //

So everyone baked cake / on the tiniest speck floating on an ocean of majestic splendour / in the azure of sky and the cerulean of sea for this raft of an island couldn’t tell the difference / being lost in both //

Castaways at sea / learning to bake bread a different way / like love that was leavened to the lightness of ocean froth / swimming like angel fish or angelic rays / little curious sharks circling / but we had each other and bread //




I need to rework this poem perhaps or write many more on Male and the Maldives. The islands had a way of seeping into the consciousness. Nowhere is the throbbing of pulse felt more distinctly than living and loving on the tiniest islands in the vast of an ocean. Such insignificance and yet the feeling so profound.

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