Silk route ~ a rite of passage

The silk route (cocoon to silk) is used as a metaphor for life in this poem (scroll below) that grew out of an Insta prompt. On a separate note, I came across this essay on how AI can help place other organisms at the heart of design to make our relationships with them less extractive, yet productive, which may help steer innovation in the right direction. This simulation of a collaboration between humans and silkworm is quite remarkable for the emphasis on sustainable design, which involves silkworms completing all stages in their life cycle unlike as in the poem below or in the way silk is currently harvested.







Dawn left a ciphered message
on a mulberry tree,
where cocooned in a world
of the aspirational,
under a garb of silk to be,
the sun stayed hid.
A rite of passage then,
yielding to frenzied waters,
as time grows older
like a summer sun,
communally boiling apart …

… in silken sarcophagi,
tumid inflections
of the multitude in vanishing
Steeped in role playing
to the urge of purpose
and yet, there bob
on the surface of liquid life,
the variously hurt, ebullient,
resigned, dutiful, productive,
martyred, even edible.

Subject to ritualized unravelling
at what dusk shall finally bring
Unfit for the loom?
Honour of a weave?
The glory of skirting the credenza?

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