The boundless is love

We steal the glow from a warm sun
and the breath from the wind.
The animals overrun the Savanna
and we, the cities of glass and steel,
but we never lack for light nor a gentle breeze.

A strange synchronicity fills poems.
You see, cut in the same cloth are we,
beings across the Atlantic or the Pacific.
We all enter naked and exhale life in death,
our songs of exile sing of homes
we lost in the love of people like us.

Love seeks expression.
Like as aging tree, we seek to fill the space
lay down roots, brighten the sky with leaves
blossom in happiness, fruit in fulfillment
but this is life, not love.

Love does not leaf nor flower, it seeks no
rooting in place. A barren tree isn’t loveless
Have you ever wondered why water simply
is or the earth exists or the sun burns?
They all do because they are,
because they can.
This is love and it is boundless

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