Generosity as an unplanned outcome ~ in the Savanna

The savanna was ignited by a lightning rod/as it heaved under the wet season of tears/ The acacias had no intention to plan/ for anything unclear/ so they conserved their meagre spirit/ crucified in a crown of thorns/ their little leaves in perfect  balance of routine/ weaving photons, holding water, bracing wind / that only submitted to the rubbery kisses/ of Lamarck’s giraffes/

But the fires raged as wild as the grass/ and the soot seeded the clouds/ and soon there was a fresh drizzle of pearly tears/ the sorrow of Gaia now lush in green, adorned such/ that came hurriedly the wildebeest and the impala/ to an antelopian feast of emerald/ freely given in kind/ for is this not the way of the generous grass/ to burn, to grow and to give?







I think we can now laugh at Lamarckism  and how giraffes got their long necks. We must also be prepared to laugh at a lot more in a few decades as our schools of thought transform and we find that certain theories do not evolve, they just get relegated to the trash can of incredulity at our own scientific assumptions.

This poem speaks more of natural fires caused in violent thunderstorms as opposed to the ones that arise due to anthopomorphogenic factors.

I am always amazed at the resilience of grass, its wanton growing, it’s indespensability in the ecosystem. There is a competitveness between grasses and acacias but both, despite their glaring  differences, are an important part of the grassland ecosystem. But what would be the life of the grazing herbivores without the ubiquitous grass. What is this, if not generosity?

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