Collective Ascent

There it looms, a life like mountain/ sheathed in fynbos, all shades of green/ while the cape drags in reluctant seaweed/ and the wind makes contrails of my hair/

I ascend too with the heather, the rooibos and the hottentot/ We climb/ now a collective of exaggerated beauty/ defiant in wind, spray and fire/

There are leaves as prone as a flat lined heart/ reeds as resilient as a returning pulse/and we all watch the hope of yolk/ of a Sunday sun dipping into the ocean/promising to rise again/

We creep up the leeward and the windward/ ensconced in the spiral of a soul entropy/ determined to survive every rock and crevice/ to hoist ourselves up the flagpole of the cosmic plan/







Here is a poem inspired by the  #bloodmoonjournal  sunday prompt, ‘climb’, to produce something a bit inspiring as  the majorly beautiful poem of Amanda  Gorman, ‘the hill we climb’.

I wove into the poem, the Fynbos or the shrub vegetation of the Cape Floral Region in South Africa that we visited years ago.  There are some photos too from the hundreds I took and never thought I would use on Instagram someday.

Do please visit my instagram handle @davinaesolomon to see the photos.

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