Criss cross through 2021, journaling crucifixes

A new journal begging to assimilate
moments passing/ stretched to hours of
unseen friends, unspoken thoughts, eyes/
the unsmiling but we all shop together now/
pixellated faces lips cheeks, two dimensions/
voicing through time, virtual, start to finish/
criss cross criss cross criss cross criss cross/
the to do list of much ado about much to do/
Add length to criss cross, vertical, dash … /
There, the Nazarene’s crucifix embedded/
on the Golgotha of acrid pages/criss crossing
away the norm of current times/ stationing
through January, then thursdays, fridays/
into February and then a similitude of days/
in the fourth week of March when I should/
look out the window and onto the seasons/
to recognize finally the colour of time/
criss crossing itself/ in erupting
blades of grass, emergent sprigs/
I will then journal no more crucifixes.

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