Floating or grounded ~ by Jove, Cronus in the mix !

Saturn conjunct Jupiter. Maji star,
the herald of prophets, perceptions
of astronomical proportions.
Were you firmly entrenched in
your reality on blue planet or floating
on space debris or orbiting on Pluto that day.

Amid all kinds of grounded and the myriad
ways to float: the rooted tree is hitched
to Earth or the last man to jump ship is
affixed to deck while the vessel founders
until he lands in frigid waters to attach
to liquid and then he floats …

Or arms exhausted, heart frozen, he
drowns, to fester at the bottomless sea
floor, stably locked in with Davy Jones
forever. Helium too, escaping core and crust,
tarries awhile in the clouds unhindered until
if imprisoned through misguided science
in an inflammable blimp waiting
for ignoble disasters.

Gravity on gaseous Jupiter would feel
like a leaden heart of regrets, resentments,
renunciations, the three R’s, but the God
of Rome, meant to etch jovial in your spirit,
with thunderbolt and lightening,
very very frightening ! Now we intend to
sully Mars, dead as a door nail , and we,
an amalgam of floating heads giddy with
life support, stuck sensibly under a dome

The Moon reflects much lighter
the hurt of a conflictual shame, until
it pulls back the ocean on cue,
like liquid tresses trailing sand
or foists water upon the land
in a sullen rage with seismic shifts
that spirits civilizations entrenched
in settled science or firm philosophy
into Atlantean oblivion.
There aren’t enough Cedars of Lebanon
left to make an ark and buoy away
to safety, to float to ground, on land, to live.

It is the tethering of our dreams,
sensibly balanced, that confounds,
grounded that we are on roads
paved with good intentions, although
floating away with hopes in abstractions;
Why can’t we be like the planets and
the stars, orbiting around, each sensing
the other, accommodating, adjusting until
we form systems and galaxies, the forge
of invisible connections, rounding off
our rough edges, floating through
the universe, grounded in the interstellar.

What this, if not sublime !








This poem was inspired by the great conjunction of Saturn and Jupiter, a celestial event that hasn’t happened since 1623 and will happen on the 21st of December, 2020. Planets coming in the way of each other in relation to the Earth brings me to note perceptions on feeling grounded, rooted (being balanced, sensible, reasonable, stable) or even the idea of floating through life’s experiences in an exact opposition. Jupiter is known as the planet of expansion in astrology just as Saturn, is one that strikes fear in many as the planet of limitations and restrictions. As a Roman god (in Greek ~ Cronus), the festival of Saturn or Saturnalia is connected to the month of December, the winter solstice,  Christmas and harvests too. Jupiter is meant to enliven you and float you to seventh heaven while Saturn, to ground you in discipline and moral code. It is so interesting that these ideas are centred around two gaseous  planets orbiting ours that have influenced religion, astrology, astronomy, our calendars, our cultures, our agricultural practices.

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