Some thoughts on my poetry

I once asked my dance teacher, “Guruji, why do people not appreciate Kathak or intelligently enough, despite watching the many performances or the beautifully choreographed scenes in the movies?”. He answered in a way that dispensed no judgement, “only because they aren’t educated enough about it and until they are, they wouldn’t know”.

I believe we go through the motions of life, doing this, that and the other, automatons to social dictates, personal proclivities, life’s daily grind. Poetry makes one take pause and observe to understand, assimilate, submit and surrender despite and inspite of frenetic action, expectations, intentions and the vicissitudes of life. In all of this, one needs to be educated in the ways of poetry or one is wont to dismiss poets, poetic language and poetic thought.

The ability to appreciate poetry I would like to think, could help bring about a flexibility in thinking, but mostly put oneself in another’s moccasins so to say. The appreciation of poetry is a studied effort .

Some of my readers that do not usually read poetry, speak of the difficulty in understanding the motifs I use or the language I employ or even my train of thought. It’s called poetic license, but I try my utmost to provide context and information for those that may seek to understand. To the uninitiated, even braille is simply a collection of embossed dots, lovely to touch, believe as necessary but difficult to appreciate as the key to knowledge even if only for the blind.

Poetry, the way I see it, helps process being an emotional lightning rod (inspired here by Jeff Buckley), in a way to transform what one feels for oneself, others or the entire world in a way to produce words of exquisite beauty or poignancy, urgent action, social commentary or inspiration, whatever the occasion demands.

I have always loved and written poetry and find it fluid and uplifting, than any of my other prosaic contemplations. My love for plants and constant pondering of the human condition brings me to a place where I feel my poetry has either transformed me or I have changed my poetic language.

I thank you for following my poetic journey and I hope, along with you, I too constantly rediscover poetry to be the stuff of inspiration, action, surrender and an abiding love for the humanosphere.

Asante sana 🙂

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