Like water ……

do we not wish to emulate
the mutability of water ?

You may be chained to your freedom,
but grow like water.
It stays; accretes to you
like feathers of Rime ice
along that very chain.

You may be trapped in your secure lodging
but be fluid like water.
It stays; little droplets
coalesced on the surface
of your windscreen

You may be smug in your thirst for transcendence
but meditate on water.
It stays; invisible moisture
soaking your skin unseen
so you may remain alive.







Gratitude for the mutability of water
High atop  Mount Washington is a mountain peak full of the most alarming changes of weather; tempests, brazen winds, icy chills, sunshine fit for alpine flora and a strange beauty for the seekers of such natural extravagance.

The weather was frostily elegant when we visited New Hampshire in early Fall, the measured grace of Rime ice everywhere was a spectacle to observe and appreciate.

In a place like this, you think warm thoughts.

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