Faraday ripples in life

Have we been carved out like scutes on the back of a gator?
You know… the way we shape thought,
size our opinions and orient our torsos in the fashions of the times
When the time is ripe for picking
There’s a low hum or bellows from deep within the innards of the earth
And we do the dance .. resonant with the ripples in the water.
What vibrations rule us I wonder
For we are synchronous in our self similar fears
our mirrored misgivings
or atrocious spites
self replicating hedonisms
touting loves and births
signaling virtues
waiting for the next Faraday wave
so we can tango together

# I have found the water dance of the Alligator very intriguing, the way the scutes on the back and the vibrational bellows produced by the reptile can cause ripples in the water as well as produce this beautiful effect during the mating ritual. I felt an analogy to the world affairs would be apt.

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