A Rilkean Memory ~ Tears for Sylvia

Sitting by a brook;
little eddies and dykes…
so fluidly music
this fresh swirl
crafting intonations to
should I daresay… soul?
Some thought crystallizes
and the heart skips a beat
like it remembered something
and then a disintegration of sighs
cascading down the cheek
to no particular recall,
just feelings,
budding off the tips of moss
awash a relenting rock.
My beloved held me in his heart
and I felt safe once more
as he whispered,
“why do you waste your precious tears?”
I felt a quiet shame
for holding onto grief
so shallow
like the babbling brook I lay beside
and the heart remembered,
a dear departed soul
who left tragedy in her wake.
A snuffing of a light so precious
to those that loved her,
I think I healed my memories
of me as I slowly said,
I will cry for Sylvia instead.




For those inclined to be sensitive and emotional ightning rods, it would be interesting to know about anterograde amnesia, where memories are evoked through feeling and action long after the content of those memories disappear.

I explored the idea of these Rilkean memories further in my blog post. Link below.

I also think, we tend to dwell in thoughts that make us sad, which unfortunately manifests as a debilitating self focus that does not necessarily involve a drive to change.

Self compassion according to me involves transcending sadness by focussing on the pain or plight of others, not as a self serving Schadenfreude, but as a way of establishing a sensitive, compassionate humanity grounded in connectedness.

Rilkean memories ~ remembering makes us who we are

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