Roaches in Plato’s Cave

On a virtual connection, turbulent emotion, burning like the fire
in Plato’s cave
or so I think …
shadows on the wall,
lamenting perhaps
being a solid brick right there,
and then
in true fashion
like a glacier of undercurrents
with the fortitude of a sage,
a yogi of words,
Dad muses “so,
what about the roaches
that got in through the dryer vent?”
Ah yes, those …
Always the realist.
I love you so much Dad.




Here is Orson Welles’s psychedelic 1973 adaptation of Plato’s timeless allegory of the cave. Plato’s allegory of the cave thought-experiment ponders the experience of prisoners shackled in a cave from birth, only able to see the shadows of objects projected onto a wall.

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