Are you there?

Yours the light of a tired star,
gleaming at me
from trillions of miles away.
I squint to see you glitter
in a velvet dark sky;
a diamante response then,
from my eyes,
trying to mirror
your inconsistent sparkle.

But I ask you beloved star,
are you even there
since the light left you
those many eons ago?
Do you now see what I see?

Earlier today,
through burning eyes
I made sense of the cliches
of sun lined clouds
being spirited away
through invisible winds,
like memories of whisked foam…

they were only cream of tartar
and egg whites
playing at games of froth and puff.
The clouds brought me something
meltingly butter and sugar, some flour
What did you see?

Bolls of condensed vapour,
solid crystals of cold ice,
like in your books
aimed at the logic
of unfeeling hypotheses…
Yours an indirect realism too?
Like a faraway star,
I can see you
but are you there?

Travelling through the stars; contemplating the philosophy of mind with Edward Feser.

Intriguing, the case of indirect realisms as explained by Feser, especially with regard to what we consider reality as perceived by us. The philosophy of mind is an excellent bedside read for the philosophically inclined.

Light travels at 300,000 kilometers per second. The time it takes for light from stars to reach us is the distance to the star divided by this speed. It takes about 8.3 minutes for the light of the nearest star, the sun, to reach us on Earth.

Light years are used to express the distance from other stars which are units of the distance traveled by light in one year. Our galaxy being about 100,000 light years across, it can take tens of thousands of years for light from some stars to reach us, which means that the star may not in reality exist at the time the light hits your retina.

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