A haiku-esque photo-amble on a long beach …

Stratified clouds jostling for attention, a self effacing Sun, quietly forming dunes, all conspired to create the perfect sand and spray in Ocean County, New Jersey; a day that began with oysters, after a long leisurely drive that ended finally on a long stretch of beach that provoked spurts of inspired Haiku.

I call it my haiku~esque photo-amble. It quite succinctly sums up the day.

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In a brackish marsh

 Cattails swishing in the breeze,

Plovers, herons, such a tease.

Mudflats are a deep brown glow,

I get down on my knobby knees.

Mussels here and mussels there,

Lord!  They are just everywhere!

Help marsh grass eat less salt y’know,

Protect them from wear or tear.

Tall grass bends this way and that,

I don’t quite know what they’re at,

They hold forte when wind gusts blow,

Or storm surges press them flat.

Slow Diamond back ter-ra-pin,

Curious muskrat sniffing him.

Tides rolling in fast and slow,

Have to leave , it’s e-ve-ning!

~ by the Raccoonteur for curious Henners, diva Fawnces and frisky Blankyd!

Ambling along a marshy path


Is it the trembling of reeds

Or my tremulous  thoughts

That ebb and flow with the incoming tide?



The sun glides behind the clouds

And I forge a trail ahead,

Or perhaps leave a path behind



Ethereal emanations of the nyatiti

Ayub Ogada on a willing lyre

His voice soft with vulnerability



They predicted thunderstorms today

“kothbiro, kothbiro” he says

Speaking of the coming rain…



“Auma, do you hear what I say

The rain is on it’s way

Return our cattle home”


And then again,

Ricocheting voices

From cattail to cattail in vain  hope

the wayward wind would stop to listen.


Walking along the Marsh discovery trail, Richard DeKorte Park, NJ, listening to Ayub Ogada on the Nyatiti Lyre, singing a traditional Dholuo (the language of the Luo people of Western Kenya. )  composition, ‘Kothbiro’,  which speaks about the coming  rain.