The moorings of reality

Constant recurrent fluctuations
Between the moorings of reality
And illusions of projected perceptions
Belies a dissonance you say?

Even so, what of reality?
Driven that we are, to contrive it
In the material and the mental,
Amidst the warm glow of emotionality

If it were only so simple…
To invest the living breath in the time
From dividing zygote to disintegrating corpse
All the while seeking incessantly

The wellspring of happiness, the elusive purpose,
Biding time with passing pleasures,
Escaping the soul intermittently, yet still smug
In the awareness of an embodied Schadenfreude?

Busy always with intention but very deep inside
An inward howl to action, to manifest
The amalgamation of a vivisected consciousness,
To transcend, to love, to feel and to live