What’s within the fruit of a sunflower ?

Untitled 18
It was the final scene
of a dull movie,
except for the opening hook
mostly unmemorable …
He held the cypsela
in his crisscrossed palm,
digits thin and long,
and asked
‘What do you see?’
It’s the barrier between me
and his onscreen visage……
The chiseled contours of his jaw
And I think I can taste
the linoleic acid
the oleic acid
Like emollient on tongue.
Distasteful though
these biochemical terms
fatty acids …
I muse, delighted
Is this a rhetorical question?
I recall and begin to process
A seed? A false Achene?
perfectly polished husk.
The botanist in me walks
the linear progression
of logical cerebral rejoinders
Kernel within?
See what?
Is that it?
Is that it?
The corners of his mouth crinkle
Ever so slightly,
To smile and say
‘In this I see possibilities’
Perfectly Neptunian in every way
I let out a giggle
before the credits roll in,
Ah, the abstractions !




One day long ago in my adolescence, watching a Hollywood heartthrob dissect the meaning of life in a singular Cypsela of Helianthus annuus.

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