Death along a highway

It wasn’t long, 

before the midday sun 

glinted like pools of water,

along the coal tar road…


And then newer patches

of modern industry …

haphazardly connected roads

sewn together like pressed staples.


Incoherently; perhaps a myriad contractors

trying to communicate with each other

and never quite a straight path.

Years in the making and not there yet.


At a lonely stretch

alongside the massive divider

a tiny bony frame swaddled in a maroon sari

darkened further by the relentless sun.


How did she get there?

Was she riding pillion and fell?

Or was she hitching a ride?

And fell across the divider?


Perhaps the person/s with her 

needed no further encumbrances

so they left her there,

as testament to an unfinished road…

As seen enroute from Hampi to Goa; along the new highway that is being constructed piecemeal, for the past few years.