Stringing pearls


Life reveals like a Sabian mystery;
Stringing pearls on nylon thread

Pearl, a measure of time
Time, a measure of life

Life breath flows fast like water
Across jagged rocks in youth

Or pools into a still reservoir
At the midday of the soul

And in the autumn of existence
Frozen, like a slow moving glacier

Even offending memories, so sacred
Lustrous pearls cast in nacre, steadily

By a protective mantle of an inner world,
to heal, to live, to remember…

Sonnet etched in bark


It’s rugged, the trunk of this grand tree
Taller than which I’ve yet to see

And down below, an oval clearing
That could have sported a fairy ring

Holding fort in a mid air nest
A sprightly squirrel tries hard to rest

While this tree bears, a lovers mark,
Multiple sonnets thus etched in bark

Strange times of self incarceration, these,
For the modern humans, habilis

Quaint notions of holding a hand
Do digital natives quite understand?

But the breath of Spring is a grand affair
For thoseĀ  alive, love’s in the air

All good days …

I heard the birds today.
An urgent chirping
In unison, shrill,
Protesting the raiding of a nest.

I heard people today.
A stampede
In unison, loud,
At the store, a bewildered herd.

I heard the sky today.
An unnatural silence
In unison, pregnant,
With mourning now divided Space

I heard dairy farmers in Wisconsin.
Tearful cries
In unison, at overproduced
Spilt milk, denied to legitimate use

I heard the Media today.
Lies of omission
In unison, after two months
That San Rafael disappeared overnight

I heard friends across borders.
Happy, lighthearted banter
In unison, drinking to
good old days and more to come