Online Outrage

Our lives only revolve around the negative
Orbiting conveniently at a distance.
For we keep away,
Circling the onerous like Griffons
Planets festooned to hot plasma
For we barely touch
And yet we seek to absorb it
Through out tomes, images, movies
Or acknowledge it in our stark denials.
We are afraid to feel less human
Without our communication boxes,
That help elicit our constant vexations.
Is not our humanity connected to our emotions?
We can barely read numbers,
Confounded by statistics
Especially those that narrate
Stories one has to translate
To a lexicon of feelings.
Unlike those displayed
Of identifiable persons we can see suffer
That awakens a serpentine sympathy
To the Pungi of our garrulous media savants
We are outraged by their fabulisms
Some of them even prevarications.
But their lessons aren’t lost on us
They make us feel human, momentarily
Before we move over to the next lambast
We even have digital buttons
To help assess the strength of our indignation
Or pledge our support
But hardly the time or inclination
To riot or dig deep
Into why things are the way they are
We have resigned to conflict, famines,
Wars, disasters, fanatical crusades,
Endless statistical data
For it is surer and safer
To continually express
Our regrets, unfailingly
Vent the outrage we feel
And then solemnly retreat
To our usual mode of living
Our communal excesses fueled
By our hegemonistic histories
Safe in the assumption
That we are somehow not responsible
While the ever watchful state indulges
Our safer online outrage.

Compelled to write this piece, inspired by online outrage and it’s addiction, the like button on Facebook, the myriad conflicts devouring the peace of the world.

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