Ah ! Sleep.


Another of the niceties of life,

Right there,

Knocking outside your glazed eyes,

To be let in.

And all your pressing deadlines,


The ticking time piece,

Wryly hinting that

There aren’t an abundance of hours

Left to the day at dusk.

You envy the feline

lounging on your couch,

And you long to sleep

To Silent Night.

You only give in,

When the bright screen

Flickers much

‘fore your steady eyes.

The I – messages

Remember all the I – messages

we wrote with the school counsellor?

All the I and less of you,

‘I feel, I do, I will’, makes me fear…….


That in the ensuing delirium,

and unconsciousness of the madding ‘I’ not ‘Aye’,

I will lose perspective of reality,

for right now, my reality is centred around me ! Aye !