On Kopimists and Atheists……

What of believers and heathens?

What of atheists and agnostics?

Many classifications,

Elucidated as distinctly,

As in the Flora of a Botanical tome.


All the naysayers of Godly discourse

All proponents of ‘Goodness’,

Know ill, that,

They too heed,

Yet another criterion.


So the Kopimists, the elitists,

Democrats, Animists, Spiritualists,

Haters, lovers,Christians, Hindus,

Religious all, professing,

Unquestioned obeisance.


Indoctrination complete

Genuflection absolute

To our pop stars,

Our recent fads,

We are religious all.


*Inspired by a conversation I was having with the Artist on the prospect of losing one’s religion or following a fabulously ‘other’ trend.