Why people looted in Linden *

Now in times such as these,

Huge numbers matter:

The magnitude of statistical evidence,

Even if it inspires us to no action,

The magnitude of our ‘likes’,

Even if they mean naught,

The number of our ‘friends’,

Even if we don’t know many of them,

The magnitude of readership,

If only people comment,

Not as much to understand as to vent their view.

So three persons dying in Linden,

Is a rather poor statistic

The looting of a few shops,

Not very sensational.

Ah! People kill, people die.

People fight, people make peace,

For some time at least,

And People loot.

For we all wish to increase the magnitude of our possessions,

Even if they increase not our self worth.


*Protests in Linden, Guyana, over an increase in power tariffs turned bloody on July 18th. In an altercation between police and protesters, three persons lost their lives. In the aftermath, during a power outage, a shop and the post office were looted.