The Lion and the Lamb

With illustrations by Savio Marlon Fernandes.

The Erudite Boeotian

Twilight, gibberish…..

But at the dentist’s , felt like lamb at slaughter.

Instant, extortionate remedy suggested

No small bother.

…… …… ……

This dental technician hasn’t time

for simpler non invasive diagnostic procedures,

But quick suggestions for State sanctioned rip off

in cahoots with my insurance company, this augurs

…… …… ……

ill for my teeth needy of attention

of a concerned and patient, dental physician,

who can mull before taking to the knife

What’s with this implant – crown – root canal obsession?

…… …… ……

Evidently, dental ailments are as much fun

as they were in the past century.

And a toothache makes for as much misery

and predictably  asinine poetry.

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