You write in Runes*

Must no mortal  disparage your tranquility,

For although you speak in tongues and write in runes,

Your mien inspires in me good graces.


I’m beholden to justify your metaphysical excesses,

Verily so, good stranger for I do not yet know you,

Even so, I am preordained to venerate your incomparable being.


You have been assigned august appellations,

And I allow myself be steered, unhesitating

Into your teeming, unsighted, middling cohorts.


*Having meant to write for some time now on the phenomenon of hero worship.

Skypeing with my Father

All conversations aren’t worded,

When I Skype with my father.

We are just comfortable in our own silences,

While he catches a game on the TV,

Knowing I’m at the other end of the line.

As I punch out my assignments,

He hears a furious click click click,

Sometimes a monosyllabic grunt

Acknowledging each other,

While he’ll pose a random query

And I give a delayed answer.

But there is no hurry,

As he watches men rush behind a ball

And After a while I say,

“Dad, I’ve got to go, will talk tomorrow”

Or perhaps share another comfortable silence

On the criminalization of same-sex relationships in Guyana

This query merits urgent riposte.


Why is Guyana the only country in South America that has criminalized same-sex sexual activity?


So buggery between men

Is heinously immoral,

Then what about if

Between opposites or two women?

Hollywood has successfully

Marketed the latter

Titillating, sensual and

The former a butt of asinine humour.

Much obsession with Gay rights,

Straight behaviour,

Norms of the world,

Talk of morality.

It seems unpleasant that sexual activity,

Merits great concern

Of the heterosexual Masses,

With the usual arrogance

In their sense of entitlement,

To family, procreation, partnership, pleasure,

In the absurd notion that they

Were meant to inherit the earth.

On Kopimists and Atheists……

What of believers and heathens?

What of atheists and agnostics?

Many classifications,

Elucidated as distinctly,

As in the Flora of a Botanical tome.


All the naysayers of Godly discourse

All proponents of ‘Goodness’,

Know ill, that,

They too heed,

Yet another criterion.


So the Kopimists, the elitists,

Democrats, Animists, Spiritualists,

Haters, lovers,Christians, Hindus,

Religious all, professing,

Unquestioned obeisance.


Indoctrination complete

Genuflection absolute

To our pop stars,

Our recent fads,

We are religious all.


*Inspired by a conversation I was having with the Artist on the prospect of losing one’s religion or following a fabulously ‘other’ trend.